Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Crazy Saturday

Last weeken before i head over to finland, so the boys all decided on a roady no matter what the swell, (build up to this story, theres been no swell att all for the last week) any way over the the other side and got a sweet greeting to about 4ft of a little messy and a little chilly south swell.

Choice feed of chips on the way home, but dont rate the burgers much, little river visitor guestbook, you've let me down for the last time!!

Shore bay inspection

Checked out another local hot spot recently, surf wasnt so great, but found some massive bull mussels, and sweet paua, a little under size, but whos checking ay?

The Bay Update

Just Got a couple of classic shots from our trip at labour weekend, you get all sorts of wierdos surfin when the sun is shining and the waves are pumping..

big ups to men with pride!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Who Knew?

Just spent the week away with my work, 6 solid days of drinking and team building activities.. how is this relevant?

well we just discovered the bes right hand point break in bluff, this spot was amazing it started at the headland with about 4-6ft of crazy smashing surf, then as it wrapped around the point for about a mile, greeted by a howling offshore breeze.

Once around the point the swell slowly dropped and cleaned up to a nice 1-3ft swell and we watched this guy on a single fin mal catch a ride for at least 3mins get off and walk back to the point!! this is crazy since the average ride for any wave is about 15 seconds..

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunny Weekend!!!

The sun decide to shine, and the tempature rose above 10degrees, so Petra and I went over on sat to the Manderly festival at little river, and wow that was a waste of time, full of grannies and cost 10$ to get in, there was salsa dancing lessons though!!

we scrapped that idea and put our 10$ to better use at the infamous little river tearooms, and headed over to Te oka bay for sum surfing lessons, petra was catching more waves than i did!!

On Sunday i headed over again with the boys, and although the swell had dropped, still managed to get heaps of waves!!

1-3ft S swell, SW winds

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Its almost summer..

So wanaka and queenstown have received a fresh dump of 10cms of snow in NOVEMBER for christs sake.. but with this big front of bad weather brought a sizable swell into the east coast of Otautahi.. We surfed scarborough and taylies fri-sun in bareable 13degree water.. along with every other person in town who is whiping the dust off their sticks and blowing the cobwebs off the lip.

2-4ft NE swell, NE winds.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


No doubt in my mind why this is my favorite break.. time after time A+ conditions.

East Coast trip

B-Rad got sum more shots of a sweet little right hander..

3-4 ft, NW offshore winds

The Bay

My little borther hooked me up with these pics from his midwinter trip to the bay.. Perfect conditions but a little on the icey side for me..

Strictly Amping!!!!!

summer is here, you know the rules...

Spot X

Picture and location discovered by my little brother.. Havnt surfed here yet, but it looks pretty hariy, especially where the wave is breaking on a rock about 200m along the break..what els is under there???!!!

The Bar

Its not usually the sumner bar is firing, but when it does its well worth the paddle..

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Well since the surf has been pumping lately, i decided to brave the icebregs, and the fact i might never have kids again, and hit scarborough for an hour or soo..
It was f*cking cold, but we met this crazy local who ket trying to steal our boards..

Monday, June 05, 2006


A familiar site these days,
might pay to check out my other blog wintersliding.blogspot.com for a bit more excitement.


So back to surfing 1ft pidlers at taylies.. Christchurch has its glory days.. and then it feels like the rest of the time those who don't go searching end up with stuff like this or stuff like *insert new blog with bangin shots of town beachies*

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Photo Dump

SO heres a couple of shots i found in my collection. First shot is from the okuti valley, we made the 40 min drive to 1ft of dribble surf, but atleast there was a nice sunset, the boys all held each other for a moment. Next is on my lomo, of robbie, a little bigger this time..

I'm gutted i didn't have a chance to take some shots of the killer swells hitting canterbury for the last week and a half, i was to busy enjoying the oppurtunity of getting sum waves bigger than 4 ft..

Sunday, April 23, 2006

More of the shore

Ok so we went up the coast again to a sweet little bay, and i was trying a few new things phtography style, my brother got given a 22 year old role of film and he let me finnish it off. As you can see it wasn't in as mint condition as i previously expected so first couple of shots where 2 out of 24 shots that actually cam out of the film. When my brother develops his shots, i'll post sum of those (brad hook me up when you read this), then theres a shot of the coast down to christchurch.

The last shot is on my new/old Polaroid SX-70 who have discontinued making the film :( I still have 3 packs of 10 shots, so watch this space in the future.

SE swell 1-2 ft NW winds.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Am I Dreaming ?

Ok so Canterbury is not Hawaii or the best place for surf in NZ..
But its not everyday you discover a long lefthand point of this quality at your back door!!

From top to bottom; I felt like bruce brown when they discoverd J-Bay, next; and when the tide came in it just got better,
lastly upon closer inspection there was enough room to do some pelvic thrusts in these pits!!!

When the conditions come together this place has soo much potential!

3-5ft NE swell and gusty NW offshores