Thursday, March 20, 2008

early morning brighton

since we have been moving house like onshores in the summer.. we now living out at brighton.. and had my first official surf at literally my "back door" nice little 2 foot swell and offshores.. you can see my excitement by the quality of my shots

*note to self* i need a new digi cam or shoot more on my "film" slr :(

Hickory Mission

two weekends ago we shot over to stay in gregs batch in Davauchelles.. where b-rad had an encounter with the epic "davauchelles Reef".. We Hit hickory the next day when all of chch was flat.. greeted by a clean 2ft swell and the Canterbury single fin classic. Still plenty of peaks to split with the pros, and had a wicked view of the comp from the water.

single fin classic dominating the farmland

nick aka drop-in "no nads" bandit, living up to his name and dropping in on "me" scoring a nice floater tho..

sweet little lefts
b-rad spinning his nuts off

Scars from the "davauchelles reef" (aka the super steep road we were bombing on our skateboards)

nice shot of the main peak

Monday, March 03, 2008

Brighton lefts

The winds swung SW on sunday and after getting past the "slight" hangover from by brothers stag party, rolled out of bed and hit the water late arvo to a solid 3ft.. 100% commitment, we just went mad and paddled for everything including the odd 4-5ft closeouts.. good times and ner misses from the super shallow sand bars forming at brighton..