Sunday, February 11, 2007

Kaikoura Mission

Kaikoura has some of the best breaks in the east coast and when theres a 4-6ft swell running, it has to be a great place to be, so it is about time "logriding" got a kaiks blog entry.

We boosted to kaikoura on friday night, had a few beers, missing the 6am surf alarm, resulting in us checking out the spots along with everybody else in town.

First off Kahutara, a mean as right point that pumps in a south swell.. It was predomintantly NE swell. so was heaps smaller than the rest of the spots, but still a good option.

Then the infamous "meat works" named after the days before booties, when surfers would get there feet minced up on the way in.. This was real raw and heavy, crowded with lid riders.

So we went out at Graveyards for an hour or so, this had some powerful little waves, which wernt closing out as much as meatworks.

MANGAMANU!! - After getting some Kai and a bit of rest, we hit the most famous right point in the south island and it was pumping!!! 4-6ft sets consistantly rolling in. This was refected in the crowd of 60 odd surfers getting as many waves as priority allowed. Real good vibe going down with no snaking, which meant about 3 waves an hour due to the consistancy of the take-off zone and the locals knowing excactly where to be to get on every set.. This was a priceless day in the water.

Dawn Raid - Scarborough

I love fridays, because its my day off, and what a better way to start the day by getting up at 6am and going for a surf in town.. With the mass of swell coming through there was a few people getting a wave in before work, i managed to snap a couple of pics before i got out there..

Thursday, February 08, 2007

LaGuna Skimboarding madness

With the summer swell being minmal and local trend wave of skimboarding hitting town, the Laguna die hards decided to give skim boarding a go.. Basically this is when you run as fast as possible with a tiny flat board, thorw it down, jump on it and skim across the water to an on coming wave. Best spots are intense shore breaks..

Heres greggie doin a tail slide at a super secret spot.. Usually theres heaps of swell when everywhere else is flat..

Then B-rad, thought skim boarding was to physically demanding, so decided to go smash the shorey with "Talin"

and then we hit another seceret spot, way more intense.. with about a 3metre drop into the sea just where the wave breaks.. we only had enough balls to hit the smallest of the sets rolling through..

This was a real dangerous spot.