Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Uruguay Hip Shaking Sessions


We have spent the last week or so in a little slice of Uruguayan perfection.

We have been staying in Punta Del Diablo, which is rather pleasant during the winter, no crowds and off shores every day with perfect shoulder hight peelers rolling into the bay.

The only boards available where some sexy foam funboards in fluro colors. The best and shortest (8ft) of the 3 was dubbed hip shaker(orange), and the others were 10ft tanks.

We had so many epic sessions on the beasts, that sam decided to get a job in town, and the drop in tranny carressed the Hip shaker through some nice waves, i was hip shaking on whatever was available, dubbed the hip shaker because of the trade mark pumping action produced when trying to work the orange beast down the line.

Heres some shots of the epic sessions, shot by petra braving the howling offshores.

Punta Del Diablo point.

Drama, about to attempt the impossible duck dive..

The Albino Rhino -


Party Wave.

Tranny Tague on the ¨hip shaker¨ -

Hip Shaker -

Hip shaking ninja.

Heres another day when the sun was shining.