Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Welcome home.

Flew back in early sunday morning, and was notified by the "radical" b-RAD that brighton was on.. so from the plane went straight to the surf and man i wish i had booties on.. after 3hours i could hardley feel my toes, and even the hardest of men where shivering a little.. maybe ot due to the fact we had some sweet little waves down by the pier.

Due to the massive rip, sucking everyone up north left the south side free for some goodness..

Best hangover cure greggie, where were you?

Down to the North

It was getting a bit chilly in the south, so to extend the summer a little, we took a trip to the far north of NZ.

Despite spending half our budget in the first night at Waiheke, the trip kicked off to an awsome start up the west coast, with about 6-8ft swells, Offshore and i was the only person going out for a surf...? This was too good to be true!!! The whole trip, we were like off shore wind magnets, is this always the case, with the ever changing, unique climate of the far north?

The eastie was a bit slack with minimal swell, but such a beautiful place who can go wrong?

This trip left me feeling like why the hell do we live here in the south, i didnt even get my steamer out at all, its already ball freezingly cold here in chch and the beches dont look like the pages from the travel magazines. (well some of them do)

There is no doubt the north is a special place to be a surfer.

In no particular order:

Northland goodness, empty, clean, sizey and offshore, who needs to work anyway?

This place was crazy massive, desite the crap shots, was no doubt my favorite place..

Its hard to tell from the crappy digi zoom but the little glassy waves in the shorey were about 3 ft.. out back it was subsquently a lot bigger :P

Around every bend was a new break just screaming to be surfed.. empty again.

Cape reinga had a few waves, but you'd have to be insane to paddle out where the tasman sea meets the pacific.

Down the east coast you could see the potential..

The Infamous Taupo Bay.. nice place, but no swell and i was truly gutted.. Check out the shots at the Whangaroa surf blog of a good day..

mini goodness.

hmm to go or not to go?

Give me a sign?

Howling onshores and 8ft swell, about a kilometre paddle through whitewash... maybe not..

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sunday Session

Wow the relentless NW winds decided to turn a light SW in the weekend.. Nursing a slight hangover, we hit scarborough with the rest of chch on sunday morning.

Is it just me, or have people forgotten the PRIORITY rule.. and dropping in? what on earth could that be?


Could there be some waves down here?