Friday, February 20, 2009


The super talented Ryan Tatar has a great blog i cant help but check out daily, Shakas and Single Fins.

I was feeling a bit uninspired, so i thought i would make him a few doodles for his header, there have been a few great blog headers floating around and a couple of my favourites are:

Adrian Knott, shakas and single fins:

and Jeff Canham for the swallow tail society:

Mid week Magnet

East coast was flat again, so we hit magnet for what was predicted to be only a foot or so of swell, what a surprise it was to be greeted with a solid 3-4ft and ruffled offshores!!

Mental session, resulting in a happy wave buzz and a foot that looks like it has been in a blender :(

We turned up and had the place to ourselves, until a school bus of grommets turned up, resulting in chaos in the line-up. I think i came in at this point.

b-rad stayed for a couple..

Monday, February 16, 2009

West Coast Mission

Raced over to the West Coast of NZ in search of some swell, and a half marathon (which greg ran in 1:33) and scored the dying 3-5ft swells at T-bay.

B-rad giving it a working over.

Rhymes with the T-bay shuffle.

Great peaks for fly aways.

Flat Spell

Its been flat on the east coast for ages now, but we discovered a secret break up the coast that was serving up some pretty heavy consistant cover-ups. B-rad couldnt help but get amoungst.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Night Surf

Had a fun dusk/night session at a random location up the coast.. Possibly not the best spot to be trying to scramble up a 40ft cliff, in the darkness..

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Summer sessions

Time for a long awaited update, spent the new year period up at the bay, 7 days of non stop sun and 1-3ft waves goin offshore most evenings!! Epic.