Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Crazy Saturday

Last weeken before i head over to finland, so the boys all decided on a roady no matter what the swell, (build up to this story, theres been no swell att all for the last week) any way over the the other side and got a sweet greeting to about 4ft of a little messy and a little chilly south swell.

Choice feed of chips on the way home, but dont rate the burgers much, little river visitor guestbook, you've let me down for the last time!!

Shore bay inspection

Checked out another local hot spot recently, surf wasnt so great, but found some massive bull mussels, and sweet paua, a little under size, but whos checking ay?

The Bay Update

Just Got a couple of classic shots from our trip at labour weekend, you get all sorts of wierdos surfin when the sun is shining and the waves are pumping..

big ups to men with pride!!