Sunday, April 23, 2006

More of the shore

Ok so we went up the coast again to a sweet little bay, and i was trying a few new things phtography style, my brother got given a 22 year old role of film and he let me finnish it off. As you can see it wasn't in as mint condition as i previously expected so first couple of shots where 2 out of 24 shots that actually cam out of the film. When my brother develops his shots, i'll post sum of those (brad hook me up when you read this), then theres a shot of the coast down to christchurch.

The last shot is on my new/old Polaroid SX-70 who have discontinued making the film :( I still have 3 packs of 10 shots, so watch this space in the future.

SE swell 1-2 ft NW winds.